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Handloom Jacquard

Designer's Vision

The Designing process by using DigiBunai™, Designers creates sketch on paper that is the starting point to produce jacquard fabrics. Sometimes designers draw directly on the computer to generate their designs. After scanning (paper sketch) designers fixes the dimensions of the design for the suitability of jacquard & reduce/fill colors for clarity of the design. The graph size (Chauk) for image editing automatically reflects on image after entering the yarn densities in DigiBunai™. The steps including assigning a weave to each design color, entering technical information, colors of warps/wefts/extra wefts are required to produce digital fabric.
After finalization of design, the graph may be exported & punched manually or by machine. Each card control the operation of the jacquard head & one card required for each weft in the design repeat.

Note: In conventional method, the jacquard design would be meticulously painted on point paper, each small blocks of the design represented a raised or lowered warp thread.

Training Videos

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