About Software

DigiBunai™ CAD Software

DigiBunai™ aid's the weavers to create digital artwork and translate the saree design to be loaded to the looms. DigiBunai™ is the first of its kind Open Source software for Jacquard and dobby weaving. DigiBunai™ is customized for Banarasi Saree having the unique feature of Garment Viewer which works as a play area for designers/weavers. The software is customizable ( language and library of local designs) and also has the ability to integrate digital design tool of the user’s choice.

DigiBunai™ supports Handloom as well as Power loom with Dobby & Jacquard weaving techniques. This is first of its kind Open Source Software that provides end-to-end functionality to the designers, weavers, and artisans to efficient their processes. The development of the software is based on the requirement received from the various user categories like Handloom Designers, Handloom Weavers, Power Loom Manufactures, Artisans & Academicians. The design library created during the usage of the application strengthens the concept of re-use and reproduce. The application has an NSQF-compliant bridge course (Textile Designer-handloom Jacquard) to train the artisans of Handloom Jacquard. The functions of the developed software are shown below

• Provision creates weaves, motifs/designs & fabrics.

• Library of Weave patterns, Artworks & Fabrics.

• Flexibility to change the size, repeats & orientation of the design.

• Automatic color reduction & color replacing.

• Design repeats with mirroring & repeats fixation.

• Provision to create the customized graph based on the loom parameters.

• Area & color base weave pattern filling in Artwork.

• Auto Detection & Elimination of Yarn floats.

• Provision to print the graph and direct punching through CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

• Calculate the yarn consumption for fabric production.

• Support Extra Warp & Extra Weft Jacquard Weaving.

• Function to create two layer fabric.

• Colourways to visualize the fabric with various yarn color combinations.

• Provision to create or modify the layout of Garment (Specifically Saree).

• Option to see the front and back side view of the fabric.

• Function to Print & Export the Weaves, Designs, Fabric & Garments.

• Function to customize the yarn parameters to set the fabric quality & simulation.

• Seamless integration of 3rdparty design tools

• Feature to generate compatible output for electronic jacquard weaving.