DigiBunai™: Customized Specifically for Banarasi Sarees

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Banaras is famous for Intricate Designs of Silk Sarees. These designs prepared by local craftsmen’s with their laborious work for manual Designing & Graph making. The designers use specific type of motifs for different portions of saree. These motifs are hand drawn on paper in specific dimensions (according to Jacquard capacity). Designers can import the scan cropped image (may be sketch or colorful design) in DigiBunai™ CAD software. After importing, designers can perform several necessary editing work (Resize/Color Reduction/Color filling/ Pattern filling/ Graph Generation with editing etc) to convert into design graph.This graph sheet becomes the reference to punch the cards by manual methods or automatic card punching machine. DigiBunai™ also provides the horizontal color split form of design with base weave which used in electronic Jacquards.

Banarasi Local Dyers Yarn Colour Cataloguing : Designer can also select the local yarn colors shades of Banaras to produce Digital Fabric. This view provides the nearest view of fabric which will be produce after weaving.